Your Personal Yoga Pant



Your Personal Yoga Pant


Show your moves. Hide your curves.

The CARMAFLAGE pattern was specifically developed to hide curves. 

For best camouflage results, use two colors that are high in contrast - e.g. black and a very light color, white and a very dark color. 

Or be more daring with our funky designs.


Express yourself

CARMAFLAGE supports your moves and your message - truly and uniquely yours.

Choose your personalized message on the back of the waistband - your mantra, your studio, your favorite hashtag or simply your name.


For you

Each CARMAFLAGE pant comes with customization on the back of the waistband.

Write your name, your mantra, the name of your studio or whatever you choose.


For your eyes only

The high waistband provides maximum comfort - and can be folded in situations where you want your message to be more discreet.

automobile camouflage closeup.jpg


The inspiration behind CARMAFLAGE comes from automotive design.

To hide the lines of prototypes before the launch, design teams work with elaborate patterns to trick curious eyes.

CARMAFLAGE patterns have been developed with the same principle in mind - so you can stop worrying about your curves and concentrate on your practice.


Be bold

The Classic CARMAFLAGE collections in white and black achieve a strong effect when combined with contrasting colors.

For a more edgy and daring look, explore our funky CARMAFLAGE items.


Tougher than the rest

However gentle or strenuous your practice, you can rely on CARMAFLAGE.

Each item is produced by apparel specialists for the toughest team sports. 


Your size

CARMAFLAGE pants are produced for maximum comfort and stretch to fit all body shapes:

XS - European size 34
S - European size 36
M - European size 38 
L - European size 40
XL - European size 42
XXL - European size 44


Getting your own CARMAFLAGE

To obtain your personal CARMAFLAGE, please contact:

Every item is made upon request according to your specifications.

Prices upon request.


Classic Black

For best curve-hiding results, black is combined with a vibrant light color.

The customization is done in black on a color field.


Classic White

For best curve-hiding results, white is combined with an intense color.

The customization is done in color on a white field.



Be daring and combine two extra-vibrant colors for maximum effect.

The customization is done in the same two colors.



Take CARMAFLAGE to the changing room, the bath, or simply the beach.

The 70 x 140 cm towel is an extremely lightweight, quick drying companion in typical CARMAFLAGE design in all color combinations of the Black & White, Black, White, and Funky Collections. 



Dive into the world of CARMAFLAGE 




How does the customization work?

Every CARMAFLAGE pant is made to order. The waistband is customized with your personal message/name in the secondary color of the item.
Best of all: customization is included in the price!

What are your delivery terms?

Since every CARMAFLAGE item is made to your personal specifications, please give us a few days.
You are not getting nothing off the shelf, but your personal item - inhale, exhale, and most certainly, you'll have your personal CARMAFLAGE within a few weeks.

How do I get the best camouflage effect?

For the most poignant optical effect, combine a very light color with a very dark one. 
Our Classic White and Classic Black collections work well - and are available at a very attractive price.

Does CARMAFLAGE have a shaping effect?

Short answer: no, CARMAFLAGE is not shapewear.

Long answer: We strongly believe in a natural yoga practice and in clothing that lets you breathe and move in an optimal way. Shaping effects would sacrifice this goal to make you seem slimmer - something our pattern is achieving without restricting you. 


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